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Nodal officers as per para 2.7(ii) of Circular No.45/2020-Customs dated 12.10.2020

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S.N. Zone Name of the Officer Joint Commissioner or Additional Commissioner Contact number (both landline and mob. Number may be given) Email Port of Import with Port code Commissionerate
1 CCU Customs Prev. Delhi Zone Ms. Parul Garg Joint Commissioner 0161-2847370
7340960775 INLDH6 Customs Commissionerate Ludhiana
2 Meerut Shri Manvesh Kumar Joint Commissioner Mobile: 9769898250 Landline No: 0120-2350810 APL, ICD Dadri –INAPL6, CPL, ICD Dadri INCPL6, Star Track Terminal, ICD Dadri INSTT6, CONCOR ICD Dadri INDER6, All Cargo, ICD Dadri INDER6, ICD Khurja INAIK6, ICD Rori, Modinagar INMUZ6, ICD Lone INLON6, ICD Moradabad INMBD6, ICD Kashipur INHPI6, ICD Pant Nagar INHDD6 Noida Customs
3 Bhubaneshwar Shri J Sateesh Chandar Joint Commissioner Landline 0674- 2589002 Mobile No.8879149363 Sateesh.chandar@g 1.Paradeep Port(INPR1) 2.Dhamra Port(INDMA1) 3.Gopalpur Port(INGPR1) 4. ICD Kalinganagar (INSKD6) 5.ICD Jajpur (INJJK6) 6.ICD Jharsuguda (INJSG6) 7.BPIA-Air Cargo(INBBI4) Customs (P) Commissionerate, Bhubaneshwar
4 Guwahati Shri I R Kharkongor Joint Commissioner Landline03642503003 Mobile9774022281 1. ICD AMingaon (INAMG6) 2.LGBI Airport, Guwahati (INGAU4) Customs (Preventive), North Eastern region, Shillong
5 Thiruvananthpu ram Dr. J Harish Joint Commissioner 0484-2668366 Mob.9886187088 INCOK1 Custom House, Cochin
Dr. J Harish Joint Commissioner 0484-2668366 Mob.9886187088 INCOK4 Air Cargo Complex (ACC), Custom House, Cochin
Murugan Vasanthagesan Joint Commissioner 0484-2870400 Mob.9597538311 vasanth.irs2009@gov. in INAZK1 INBEY1 INKUK1 INKYM6 INVZJ1 INCCJ4 INTRV4 Commissioner of Customs (Preventive), Cochin
6 Hyderabad V. Srinivas Additional Commissioner 040-23210239, 9840295283 1). ICD Sanath Nagar (INSNF6) 2). ICD Thimmapur (INTMX6) 3). ACC, Hyderabad (INHYD4) Customs Commissionerate, Hyderabad
7 Visakhapatnam Shri Shiril Saroj Additional Commissioner 0891-2825134 Mobile: 9640177419 INVTZ1 INVTZ4 INGGV1 Custom House, Visakhapatnam
V. Nagendra Rao Additional Commissioner 9566220438 Krishnapatnam Custom House & Kakinada Custom House Custom Commissionerate (Preventive), Vijayawada
8 Nagpur Zone Sh. Mukul Patil Joint Commissioner 0712-2564173 7600059543 ICD, AJNIINNGP6 ICD,BORKHE DI- INBOK6 ICD, MIHAN – INKPK6 ICD, WARDHAINCHJ6 ACC, NAGPURINNGP4 Customs, Nagpur
Shri Mahipal Singh Joint Commissioner 0253-2397761 9167304824 ICD, JANORIINJNR6 ACC, JANORIINJNF4 CFS, AMBADINNSK6 ICD, BHUSAWALINBSL6 (Nashik) Customs Nagpur
Shri Amol Ket Joint Commissioner 0240-2484975 9869334451 ICD, MALIWADAINMWA6 ICD, WALUJINWAL6 (Aurangabad) Customs Nagpur
9 Trichy Zone Sh. V.S. Bengadashwaran Joint Commissioner 8870014133 ICD HOUSR, (INHSU6) SEA PORT, TUTICORIN(IN TUT1) Trichy Customs (P) Tuticorin Custom House
10 Bhopal Zone Sh. Devesh Gupta Joint Commissioner 9909242002 PITHAMPUR (ININD6) MANDIDEEP (INMDD6) MALANPUR (INMPR 6) RAIPUR (INRML6) DHANNAD (INDHA6) AIR CARGO(INIDR 4) Customs Indore
11 Patna Zone(P) Sh. Ashutosh Kumar Sharma Joint Commissioner 9051119200 INRXLB INJBNB INLKQB INJAYB INBGUB INBTMB INSNBB INKNLB INKJIB, INBNRB INJALB Patna
Sh. Shashank Kumar Yadav Joint Commissioner 8765906844 shashank.yadav.irs@g INKNU6 INPNK6 Lucknow
12 Pune Zone Smt. Vaishali Patange Joint Commissioner 020-26051848 9823217720 vaishali.patange@gov .in INTLG6 INGRW6 INDIG6 INPMP6 INCCH6 INJGD6 INRNR1 Pune Customs
Sh. Mahabir Singh Meena Joint Commissioner 08322976881 Mob. 9099881814 INMRM1 Goa Customs
13 Mumbai Zone-III Sh. Vishal M. sanap Additional Commissioner 022-26828193 Mob. 9619000050 INBOM4 ACC(Import) Mumbai-III
Sh. Nilkanth Shelke Additional Commissioner 022-22820023 022-22613220 Mob. 8652251555 INBNG6 INDHU1 INDMT1 INRVD1 INDIG1 Customs (P) Mumbai
14 Chennai Zone P. Ananthakrishnan Additional Commissioner 9746036999 p.ananthakrishnan@g INMAA1 Chennai-II
C. Mohan Gopu Joint Commissioner 044-22569647 mohangopu.irs@nic.i n INMAA4 Chennai-VII
15 Mumbai Zone-II Sh. Dipin Singla Joint Commissioner 9711105944 022-27243250 INNSA1 NS-III
16 Bengaluru Zone Sh. Naresh G Joint Commissioner 080-28454417 8879402489 INWFD6 Banglore City Customs
Sh. S. Nasser Khan Additional Commissioner 080-27688258 Mob. 9846062152 INBLR4 ACC, Banglore
Joannes George C Joint Commissioner 9747872349 INNML1 Mangaluru Customs
17 Kolkata Zone D. Satish Joint Commissioner 7799821749 satish INCCU1 Port Commissioner ate, Kolkata
Sh. Sydney D Silva Additional Commissioner 9820239060 INCCU4 Airport, Kolkata
Sh. M. A. Ansari Additional Commissioner 7770877788 LCS-wise port code under CC(P), West Bengal Preventive Commissionerate, West Bengal
18 Ahmedabad Zone Sh. Sankhesh Mehta Joint Commissioner 079-27540671 9586992221 ICD Sanand INSAU6 ICD Khodiyar INSBI6 Air Cargo Complex INAMD4 ICD Sachana INJKA6 ICD Viramgam INVGR6 Customs Ahmedabad
Sh. Amit Kumar Mishra Joint Commissioner 079-27543041 9415122225 amit.mishra1919@nic .in Hazira Customs INHZA1 Customs House Surat INMDA1 ICD Sachin INSAC Surat Hira Bourse INHIR6 ICD Kribhco INKBC6 Customs Ahmedabad
Sh. Nitina Nagori Joint Commissioner 079-27540055 9408495132 ICD Tumb INSAJ6 Customs House, DAHEJ INDAH01 ICD Dashrath INBRC6 ICD Ankleshwar INAKV6 ICD Valvada INVPI6 Customs Ahmedabad
Sh. Gyan Chand Jain Additional Commissioner 02836271473 8424910678 gyanchand.jain@nic.i n Deendayal Port INIXY1 Customs Kandla
Sh. R K Chandan Additional Commissioner 0288-2757500 9586614909 CH Pipavav INPAV1 CH Okha INOKH1 CH Sikka INSIK1 CH Bhavnagar INBHU1 SBY Alang INALA1 CH EBTSL INSAL1 CH VADINAR INVAD1 CH JAMNAGAR (BEDI GROUP OF PORTS) INBED1 Customs Commissionerate( Prev.) Jamnagar
Sh. Mahesh Kumar Joint Commissioner 02874-286268 9426428101 CH JAMNAGAR (AIR FORCE) INJGA4 CH NAVLAKHI INNAV1 CH Porbandar INPBD1 CH Muldwarka INKDN1 CH Veraval INVVA1 Customs Commissionerate( Prev.) Jamnagar
Sh. Ajay Kumar Additional Commissioner 7622973417 Mundra INTKD6 Customs Commissionerate, Mundra
19 Mumbai Zone-I Shri Ayaz Ahmed Kohli Additional Commissione 022-2275 7407 INBOM1 Import-I
20 Delhi Customs Zone Sh. Nagendra Yadav Additional Commissioner 011-25652380 & 9821660964 INDEL4 ACC (Import), New Delhi
Sh. Sanjay Sharma Joint Commissioner 011-26369370 9811032618 ICD(Import), Tughlakabad INTKD6 ICD(Import), Tughlakabad, New Delhi
Sh. Harsh Vardhan Joint Commissioner 011-21211102 9868021047 INPTL6 ICD PPG & Other ICDs
Ms. Nisha Gupta Joint Commissioner 9015224329 TSK ICD TKD IMPORT Commissionerate
Sh. Amar Chand Meena Assistant Commissioner 9999460173 TSK-I
Ms. Priya Sethi Superintendent 9953312789
Sh. Yogendra Singh Rawat Inspector 9910762451
Mrs. Runjhun Deputy Commissioner 9716235482 TSK-II
Sh. Rajendra Kumar Meena Appraiser 9414752997
Sh. Shabit Vasist Inspector 9711066040
Sh. Kumar Asim Ananad Deputy Commissioner 011-25652998 TSK ACC IMPORT Commissionerate
New Courier Terminal (NCT) DC/AC 011-47019839 TSK ACC EXPORT Commissionerate
Superintendent (Admin) 011-40571145/40571149
Superintendent (EIC) 011-40571134/40571139/40571168
Superintendent (FedEx) 9654052024
Superintendent (UPS) 011-47898963
Superintendent (DHL) 011-25652457
Foreign Post Office (FPO) DC/AC 011-23238917
Superintendent 011-23238880
Mrs. Anita Malhotra ICD-Garhi Harsauru Superintendent 9891188838 TSK ACC EXPORT Commissionerate
Sh. Rajesh Kumar ICD-Palwal Superintendent 9311742499
Sh. Amit Arora ICD-Patli Superintendent 9716057749
Sh. Navin Chaudhary ICD- Barhi Superintendent 9873099704
Sh. Lakhi Ram ICD- Jattipur Superintendent 7056247000
Sh. O.P. Meena ICD-BBG Superintendent 9873540203
Sh. Krishan Kumar Sirohi ICD- Piyala Superintendent 0129-2509212/2509216
Sh. Pankaj jain- ICD PPG Appraising Officer 9920483060
Ramanand Pathak- ICD PPG Inspector 9871722468
Sh. Ajay Kumar Paliwal- ICD Sonepat Superintendent 9354785735
21 Zone – II, JNCH Shri. Dhirendra Mani Tripathi Additional Commissioner Mob: 8506058883 Tel: 022-27241840 INSSA1 NS-III
22 Customs (Preventive) Delhi  Dr. B.K.Meena Joint Commissioner Land Line Telephone No. 0141-2385340 Mobile No. 9414007020 INKKU6, INCML6, INKTT6,INJAI6, INJAI4,INBGK6, INJUX6,INTHA6 Customs (Preventive) Commissionerate, Jodhpur
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