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Condonation of Delay

ECS subject-wise list of Central Excise cases



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2014 (2) ECS (216) (Tri-Ahm.)(260 KB)

M/s Ram Kumar Industries

Condonation of delay was not granted as the tribunal held that it was the appellant who had committed himself in not cooperating with the authorities, in spite of all the efforts by the latter to communicate to the former all the orders and notices required.


2014 (2) ECS (195) (Tri.- Del.)(110 KB)

M/s Salasar Steel and Power Limited

No extension of stay could be granted by the CESTAT in the light of the provisions of Section 35C(2A) of the Central Excise Act, 1944, even if the delay in disposal of an appeal, beyond the sunset period prescribed, is not attribute to an appellant