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Dwell time is the measure of the time elapsed from the time the cargo arrives in the Customs Station till the clearance is provided by Customs.


July 2018

Customs Site Facilitation category (Red Channel -Subjected to Examination) Total time taken from Arrival of Cargo to its final clearance (In Hrs) Time taken by Customs & Percentage of Total Time Time taken by other Stakeholders & Percentage of Total Time
Air Cargo Sahar, Mumbai Green Channel  43.81 11.83(15.27%)  65.66(84.73%)
Air Cargo Sahar, Mumbai Red Channel  94.65 77.01(58.40%)  54.86(41.60%)
Air Cargo, Chennai Green Channel  30.74 6.53(15.10%)  36.71(84.90%)
Air Cargo, Chennai Red Channel  81.99 63.01(66.58%)  31.63(33.42%)
Air Cargo, Delhi Green Channel  35.2 9.53(16.91%)  46.82(83.09%)
Air Cargo, Delhi Red Channel  66.24 52.32(55.55%)  41.86(44.45%)
Air Cargo,Bangalore Green Channel  36.39 12.85(22.04%)  45.46(77.96%)
Air Cargo,Bangalore Red Channel  117.22 107.90(81.34%)  24.76(18.66%)
Chennai Custom House Green Channel  93.74 13.52(12.17%)  97.55(87.83%)
Chennai Custom House Red Channel  161.05 78.37(44.91%)  96.14(55.09%)
JNCH Mumbai Green Channel  98.43 23.07(11.56%)  176.54(88.44%)
JNCH Mumbai Red Channel  192.44 104.77(38.95%)  164.21(61.05%)
ICD Delhi Green Channel  128.87 15.24(9.27%)  149.25(90.73%)
ICD Delhi Red Channel  167.2 99.58(52.72%)  89.32(47.28%)