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Date of Uploading Brief Description
09-03-2022 Instructions for effective and timely handling of court cases on disciplinary matters in Central Administrative Tribunals/High Courts/Supreme Courts to protect the interest of the Government –reg
05-01-2022 Instructions regarding e-filing of cases/petitions by the government –regarding
O. M. dt 30.11.2021
17-09-2021 Instructions for effective and timely handling of court cases on disciplinary matters in Central Administrative Tribunals/High Courts/ Supreme Court to protect the interest of the Government -reg
10-09-2021 Board's letter dt. 10.09.2021 regarding Special drive from 13.09.2021 to 30.09.2021 to ensure effective utlisation of e-seva vivad - updating of data
Compiled list of pending court cases of Ad.IIA, Ad.IIB, Ad.IIIA and Ad.IIIB    Compiled list of pending court cased of Ad.II
19-08-2021 Judgement of the Hon'ble supreme court of India in civil Appeal No.8833-B835of 2019 of K. Meghachandra Singh & Ors. Vs, Ningam Siro &Ors - revised instructions on seniority of direct recruits and promotees and inter-se seniority thereof- reg.
07-07-2021 Strict Compliance with DOPT's
07-07-2021 Compliance of DoPT's instructions of 11.3.2019 and Board's instructions dated 17.07.2020 & 9.10.2020 on Probation/Confirmation
07-07-2021 Monitoring the performance of freshly recruited officers who are on probation period
07-07-2021 Master circular on probation/confirmation in central services
06-04-2021 Invocation of Departmental inquiries(Enforcement of Attendance of witnesses & Production of Documents) Act, 1972 by the Inquiring Authorities in Departmental Inquiries - reg.
01-04-2021 Board's letter no. C-50/51/2020-Ad.II dated 31.03.2021   Instructions of National Commission for Backward Classes for appointing Liaison officers, setting up reservation cells, maintaining rosters at CC/DG Levels
22-01-2021 Order dated 22.01.2020 in WP 112826/2019 filed by UoI ( CGST Bangalore) Vs. Contempt 65/2018 & Order (Shrinivas, Part Time Casual Worker) Instructions-Reg.
21-01-2021 DO (JS, Admin), CBIC on collection of statistics regarding court cases related to Order dated 19.07.2011 of High Court in Madras-Reg.
24-07-2020 Board's Instructions for disposal of References/Representations/Court Cases in various CAT/Court in field formations under CBIC for grant of MACPS benefit.
21-07-2020 Strict compliance with DOPT's OM no. 28020/3/2018 -Estt(C) dated 11.03.2019 related to probation/confirmation - Instructions Regarding.
09-03-2020 Defending the CAT/Court cases on the issue of Grant of 3rd Financial Upgradation under MACP scheme to superintendents who were granted non-functional grade pay of Rs. 5400/- in PB-2 -reg.
18-12-2019 To follow Board's Instruction on handling of court cases, issued from time to time -reg.
05-09-2019 Instructions regarding handling of Court cases, in respect of Board’s letter F.No.A.32018/37/2017-Ad.III.(A) dated 01.07.2019
13-08-2019 Instruction regarding handling of court cases filed across the Board, in respect of Board's letter F.No. A- 32018/37/2017-AD IIIA dated 01.07.2019.
21-01-2019 Board's isntruction dated 15th January, 2019 on the issue of defending the CAT/Court cases on the issue of grant of 3rd MACP Benefit.
Brief facts
30-10-2018 Extension of Tenure upto 7 years in cases covered by DoPT's OM No. 6/8/2009_Estt. (Pay-II) dated 17th June 2010 and Om No. 2/6/2016-Estt.(Pay-II) dated 17th February, 2016 instructions-reg.
18-10-2018 Instructions for effectively defending the interest of the Government in CAT/ High Court Cases - reg.
12-10-2018 Instructions for effectively defending the interest of the Government in CAT/ High Court Cases - reg.
24-09-2018 Instruction in respect of Inter Commissionerate Transfer (ICT) in the light of new Recruitment Rules, 2016
11-07-2018 Ban on use of single-use plastic items in Government Offices"-regarding
06-07-2018 Instructions regarding payment of salary to officers in Directorates on loan basis
22-05-2018 Member (A)'s instructions regarding revision of pre-2016 Pensioners as per 7th CPC.
14-11-2017 Implementation/Monitoring of Bhavishya Software
14-11-2017 Celebration of "3rd consitution day" on 26th November 2017
09-08-2017 Instructions from Member (A) reg revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners
05-07-2017 Instructions on revision of Pre-2016 Pensioner
06-03-2017 One day strike notice on 16.3.2017
15-02-2017 Guidelines regarding grant of Vigilance Clearance to members of Central Civil Services/posts
15-02-2017 Board's circular dated 8th February 2017 on Delegation of power for Grant of financial upgrdations under MACP Scheme to officers of Group ‘A’ Post which is not part of an organised Group ‘A’ Service
14-02-2017 Instructions for passing order on representation/appeal under various rules received from Govt. servant as per instruction of DOP&T
31-01-2017 Criticism of the government and its policies
12-01-2017 Guidelines/Instructions for conducting DPC
28-12-2016 Letter to all Chief Commissioners/DGs under CBIC regarding implementation of Web Response Pensioners' Service   -  Page-1    |    Page-2    |    Page-3    |    Page-4
27-10-2016 Monitoring of Pensioners' Grivances and uploading of quarterly list of retiring employees by Ministries/Departments through "Web Responsive Pensioner's service of CPAO.
27-10-2016 Prevention of Sexual Harassment of working women at workplace-seniority of the Chairperson of the Complaint Committee
28-09-2016 Board office circular dt. 27-09-2016 regarding timely payment of pensionary benefits to retiring Government Officials
26-08-2016 Clarification of the definition of "Members of Family" in the context of Rule 4 of CCS(Conduct) Rules, 1964
16-08-2016 OM dt. 28-07-2016 regarding Review of Mechanisms to ensure probity among Government Servants
09-08-2016 Instructions regarding inordinate delay in filing Appeals and SLPs
02-08-2016 Instructions for conducting of DPCs for Group B and C posts
01-08-2016 Board office instructions dt. 01-Aug-2016 on forwarding Hon'ble CAT/Court's order for implementation of appeal
21-07-2016 Indefinite strike notice from 11/07/2016 on various chapters of demands
28-06-2016 Strike Notice of AICMEF form 11.07.2016
21-06-2016 Delegation of power for applying passport
02-06-2016 Seeding of Aadhaar(Unique Identification) Number in service records and PPos of all employees/pensioners
16-05-2016 Instructions for effective and timely handling of court cases on Administrative/Service matters to protect the interest of the Government in Central Administrative Tribunals/High Courts
06-05-2016 Instruction regarding revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners dilinking of revised pension from qualifying service of 33 years
25-04-2016 Handling of Court and CAT cases by the filed formations
- List of Court cases
01-04-2016 Regarding Examination of Para 1.31 of Audit Report No.8 of 2014 of C&AG of India (Central Excise) for the year ended 31st March, 2014 relating to finalization of Provisional Assessment cases pending with the Commissionerates
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