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Launch of eoffice

Order No./date of issue Brief Description
Office order No. 01/2020 ,dated 18.09.2020 Launch of eOffice in the office of Pr. Director General (Audit), Directorate General of Audit, Hqrs, New Delhi on 18th September, 2020-reg.
Office order No. 01/10/2020 ,dated 06.10.2020 E-office implementation order for publication on 06.10.2020.
Office order No. 01/2020 ,dated 09.09.2020 Launch of e-Office in Directorate General of Vigilance(headquarter) on 07.09.2020.
Office order No. 03/2020 ,dated 09.09.2020 Launch of e office In DG Analytics and Risk Management
Office Memorandum: 02/2020 ,dated 10.09.2020 Office Memorandum: 02/2020
Office order No. 36/2020 Launch of e-Office in offices of the Directorate General of Systems, New Delhi - reg.
Office order No. 16/2020 , dated 13.08.2020 in respect of Siliguri CGST Commissionerate regarding Launch of eOffice - R/G.
Office order No. 05/2020 , dated 31.08.2020 Launch of eoffice in the South Zonal Unit of the Dte. General of Vigilance.
Office order No. 01/2020 , dated 14.08.2020 Office order No.01/2020 dated 14/08/2020 in respect of Durgapur Audit Commissionmerate-reg.
Office order No. 04/2020 , dated 03.08.2020 Launch of e-Office in NACIN, Hyderabad on 03.08.2020 - reg.
Office order No. 05/2020 , dated 13.08.2020 Launch of e-Office in Directorate General (Audit), HZU on 12.08.2020 - reg.
Office order No. 14/2020 , dated 19.08.2020 Launch of e-Office in DGTS, Kolkata Zonal Unit.