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Circular No.87/2003-Cus.
October 6  , 2003

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
(Department of Revenue)
Central Board of Excise & Customs 

Subject: Movement of Domestic Courier bags on domestic segments of international flights-reg

             I am directed to refer to representations received    from domestic  courier companies and  field  formations  of  Customs to allow the movement of domestic  couriers   bags  on domestic  segment of international flights.

2.         The   matter  has  been examined  by the  Board. It has  been decided  to allow  the movement of domestic  courier bags on domestic  sector  of international flights of all the airlines subject to  following conditions:-

(i)         The  Courier company must be registered with Customs.

(ii)        The      packages/bags of  domestic courier should be  clearly and identifiably differentiated  from the International Courier bags/packets by printing in bold "DOMESTIC COURIER".

(iii)        The domestic  courier bags should  be kept  in separate pallets  and  should be stored in the separately marked domestic bins/containers on  the  aircraft.

(iv)        At the place  of  embarkation the domestic  courier company will submit   "goods  declaration" ,indicating the  number of  bags, number of  packages  in bags, content of  packages, to the on board courier or  person in-charge  of  the  aircraft with a  copy  to the Escort  Officer of  Customs.

(v)         At the place   of  disembarkation/ arrival, the cargo  manifest will be filed   by  person in-charge  of  the aircraft or  on-board courier, as  the  case  may be,   with the proper officer of  Customs. In case ,on board courier is not accompanying the courier consignment, the responsibility to file the cargo manifest with the proper  officer of  Customs will vest with the person in charge  of  the aircraft.

(vi)        The   copy  of  the declaration submitted  to escort officer of  Customs  will be  handed  over by the Escort Officer to  the  Customs Officer at the disembarking airport,  for  carrying out the checks  and  verifications, if so required.

(vii)       If the courier consignment is accompanied by "on board courier", they will not   be  allowed  to carry any courier bags on board the aircraft  as  hand baggage.  

3.         Kindly acknowledge receipt of the Circular. 

4.         Hindi version will follow.

D.S. Garbyal
Under Secretary to the  Government of  India
Phone  No. 23094182