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Circular No. English Hindi Date of issue File No. Subject
24/2021 View(716 KB) View(744 KB) 27-10-2021 F No: 451/22/2020-CusV Reducing compliance burden regarding registration of Authorised Couriers
23/2021 View(1,592 KB) - 30-09-2021 CBIC-140605/17/2021-O/o Dir(Drawback)-CBEC Scheme for Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products ( RoDTEP) w.e.f. 01.01.2021.
22/2021 View(2355 KB) - 30-09-2021 CBIC-140605/13/2021-O/o Dir(Drawback)-CBEC Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies (RoSCTL) Scheme on export of apparel/garments/made-ups w.e.f. 01.01.2021.
21/2021 View(3120 KB) View(79 KB) 24-09-2021 F. No.450/179/2021-Cus- IV Easing container availability for export cargo - reg.
20/2021 View(3310 KB) - 16-08-2021 F.No. CBIC-50394/10/2021-Anti Smuggling Section- CBEC De-notification of Inland Container Depots/Container Freight Stations/Air Freight Stations -reg.
revised Circular No.38/2016 dated 22.08.2016
Rescined Customs Instruction No. 4 of 2020
View(808 KB) - 16-08-2021 F.No. 15021/10/2020-ICD-CBEC Amendment in Circular No.38/2016-Customs with the insertion of a new entry 5(d) to enable Pr.Commissioners/Commissioners of Customs to decide the amount of security required in certain cases of provisional assessments-reg.
18/2021 View(172 KB) - 31-07-2021 DIC/POL/DIR/1/2020-POL-O/o Pr COMMR-DIC-DELH Amendment in AEO Programme: Auto-Renewal of AEO-T1 validity for continuous certification based on continuous compliance monitoring- regarding (Circular No. 18/2021 dated 31.07.2021)
17/2021 View(154 KB) - 23-07-2021 F. No. 450/58/2015-Cus IV(Pt) Efforts required to Reduce the compliance burden for citizens and business activities
16/2021 View(526 KB) - 19-07-2021 F. No. CBIC-190354/96/2021 Clarification regarding applicability of IGST on repair cost, insurance and freight, on goods re-imported after being exported for repairs, on the recommendations of the GST Council made in its 43rd meeting – reg.
15/2021 View(633 KB) - 15-07-2021 F. No. CBIC 140602/1/2021. Implementation of RMS for processing of Duty Drawback claims
14/2021 View(346 KB) - 07-07-2021 F. No.450/26/2019-Cus. IV(Pt). Improvements in Faceless Assessment - Measures for expediting Customs clearances - reg.
13/2021 View(183 KB) - 01-07-2021 F.No DIC/ WEB/1/2020. Online filing of AEO T2 & T3 application - Circular 13/2021 customs dt 01.07.2021.
12/2021 View(174 KB) - 30-06-2021 F. No.450/58/2015-Cus IV(Pt) Implementation of the Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations.
11/2021 View(1072 KB) - 24-05-2021 F.No.DIC/POL/DIR/1/2020-POL Extension of validity of AEO Certification III [Circular No. 11/2021-Customs dated 24.05.2021
10/2021 View(420 KB) - 17-05-2021 F.No.450/28/2016-Cus-IV Changes introduced through the Customs (Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty) Amendment Rules, 2021- reg.
09/2021 View(420 KB) - 08-05-2021 F.No.473/02/2020-LC Restoring the facility under Circular No. 17/2020 dated 03.04.2020 namely, 'Measure to facilitate trade during the lockdown period- section 143AA of the Customs Act, 1962'.
08/2021 View(237 KB) - 29-03-2021 F.No.450/77/2021-Cus-IV Clarifications on the legislative changes in Section 46 of Customs Act, 1962–reg.
07/2021 View(384 KB)
Corrigendum(78 KB)
- 22-02-2021 F.No. DGEP/SEZ/09/2017 (Part III) Clarification regarding payment of Agriculture Infrastructure and Development Cess (AIDC) by EOU under various situations and amendment to Circular no. 35/2016-Customs dated 29.07.2020 – regarding.
06/2021 View(1722 KB) - 22-02-2021 F.No. 394/29/2020-Cus(AS) Policy and Guidelines for setting up of Inland Container Depots (ICDs), Container Freight Stations (CFSs) and Air Freight Stations (AFSs)-Reg.
05/2021 View(894 KB) - 17-02-2021 F.No. 450/119/2017-Cus-IV IGST refunds on exports-extension in SB005 alternate mechanism
04/2021 View(894 KB) - 16-02-2021 F.No. 450/82/2018-CusIV Extension of Board's Circular no. 12/2018-Customs dated 29.05.2018 for sanction of pending IGST refund claims where the records have not been transmitted to ICEGATE due to GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B mismatch error.
03/2021 View(238 KB) - 03-02-2021 F.No. DGEP/EOU/40/2017 Systemic improvements regarding modification in the Bond (B-17) Execution process –regarding.
02/2021 View(924 KB) - 19-01-2021 F.No.394/51/2020-Cus(AS) Posting of staff at Customs areas and collection of Cost Recovery Charges –reg.
01/2021 View(172 KB) - 14-01-2021 F.No.450/96/2020-Cus-IV Transhipment of Import & Export Cargo via Sri Lanka and Bangladesh-Waiver of bank guarantee –reg.
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Instructions Search:
S.No. File.No Date of issue Subject
25 F.No. 401/88/2021-Cus-III 24-11-2021 Import of teas from the neighbouring country (Nepal) as "Darjeeling Tea" - reg
24 F.No. 401/86/2021-Cus-III 24-11-2021 Direction under Section 16 (5) of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 regarding extension of validity of the NOC for the Alcoholic Beverages Bottled in Origin & in Bulk-reg
23 F.No.401/74/2021-Cus-III 23-11-2021 Import of wireless equipment by Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) on the basis of self-declaration
22 F.No.401/54/2021-Cus-III 27-10-2021 Import of crushed and de-oiled GM soya cake - Relaxation in applicability of provision in Para 6 (b) of-General Notes Regarding Import Policy Schedule -I (Imports) of the ITC(HS) 2017, Schedule 1(lmport Policy)
21 F. No. 394/05/2021-Commr. (Inv-Cus) 05-10-2021 Submission of Intimation of Arrest Report & Incident Report.
20 F. No.450/179/2017-Cus- IV 10-09-2021 Easing availability of containers for exporters
19 F.No. 524/05/2021-STO (TV) 17-08-2021 Instructions and clarifications by Directorates/Commissionerates/Audit: Scope of Section 151 A of the Customs Act, 1962 - reg.
Hindi version
18 F. No. 456/319/2021-Cus-V(pt.1) 17-08-2021 Verification of the Preferential Certificates of Origin and difficulties being faced by the trade in implementation of the Customs (Administration of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreements) Rules (CAROTAR), 2020.
17 F. No. 401/49/2021-Cus-III 11-08-2021 Strict implementation of the Import Policy i.r.t. Transmission apparatus incorporating reception apparatus (ITC HS Code - 8525 60 00), by the Customs Authorities-reg
16 F.No.401l4S/2021-Cus-III 09-08-2021 regarding Import of Split Cassia label as Cinnamon-reg.
15 F. No. 401/36/2021-Cus.III 30-06-2021 - Requirement of COVID-19 testing in live animals before importing into Indiareg
14 F. No. 401/243/2016-Cus III 21-06-2021 CRCL Module-forwarding of samples using electronic Test Memo to CRCL and other Revenue Laboratories -reg
13 F. No. 394/50/2021-Cus(AS) 21-06-2021 Regulating Movement of Indian Sailing vessels (ISVs) (Dhows) -Security Issue -reg MHA Instruction dated 18-02-2021
12 F. No. 450/117 /202 l-Cus.IV (Pt) 25-05-2021 Relaxations provided under Gas Cylinders Rules, 2016, so as to fast track approvals for imported cylinders and pressure vessels for storage and transportation of medical oxygen -reg
11 F. No. 450/114/2020-Cus.IV 16-05-2021 Revision in the import policy of Tur/Pigeon Peas, Moong and Urad - regarding
10 F. No. 450/119/2017-Cus-IV 13-05-2021 Special refund and Drawback disposal drive from 15.05.2021 to 31.05.2021-reg
09 F.No.CBIC-190354/2/2021-TO (TRU-I)-CBEC 03-05-2021 Exemption from IGST on imports of specified COVID-19 relief material donated from abroad, up to 30th June, 2021 -reg. || D.O. Letter from Revenue Secretary. || Sample Authorization Format.
08 F.No.450/117/2021-Cus-IV (Pt) 27-04-2021 Expediting Customs Clearances for Covid related imports made by Indian Red Cross society–reg.
07 F.No.450/117/2021-Cus-IV 24-04-2021 Expediting Customs Clearances for import consignments relating to COVID 19 pandemic
06 F.No.394/2(364)/2020-Commr(Inv-cus) 19-04-2021 Daily reporting of major cases
05 F.No.450/77/2021-Cus-IV(Pt-1) 24-03-2021 Urgent measures to sensitise trade in light of proposed changes to Section 46 of the Customs Act, 1962–reg.
04 F.No.450/72/2021-Cus-IV 17-03-2021 Show Cause Notice (SCN) dated 19.03.2019 issued by DRI against Sh. Anil Aggarwal and 11 others – Directions to keep SCN pending –reg.
03 F.No. 401/20/2021- Cus III 10-03-2021 Testing of imported food products at FSSAI notified laboratories - reg.
02 F.No. 715/03/2020-Cus(AS) 16-02-2021 Streamlining of Customs Post Clearance Audit (PCA) Work - Instructions - reg.
01 F.No.450/96/2020-Cus-IV 14-01-2021 Requirement of filing of Bill of Coastal Goods (BCG) –reg.
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