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Circular No.67/2000-Cus

Government of India 
Ministry of Finance 
(Department of Revenue)
Central Board of Excise and Customs

New Delhi, the 17th August, 2000

Sub: Consolidation of cargo at gateway port-procedure-regarding-

              I am directed to invite your attention to the Board"s Circular No. 55/2000-Cus., dated 30th June, 2000 on above mentioned subject. The said circular was issued to create HUBs near gateway ports where the LCL acrgo brought from various ICDs/CFSs will be reworked and thereafter sent to various destinations directly. In regard to the procedure contained in the said circular following further suggestions have been received-

a)            The said Circular allows only shipping lines for the purpose of LCL cosolidation. It has been suggested that to facilitate trade the words "shipping lines" should be substituted with the words "shipping lines/their Agents/MTOs/NVOCCS/fright  forwarders/consolidators etc." to allow these agencies to undertake LCL consolidation

b)            The custodians of ICDs do not own containers and they generally take containers on lease basis. Therefore, the use of leased containers for carriage of LCL cargo to gateway hub should be allowed.

c)            The circular does not allow stuffing of LCL cargo cleared by customs in in local port/CFS or other CFSs near gateway port in the containers in which cargo received from inland ICDs/CFSs are to be re-stuffed . IT has been sugested to allow stuffing of such locally cleared LCL cargo with the reworked cargo received from the inland ICDs/CFSs.

2.            The above said suggestions have been examined and it has been decided to make following amendments in the said circular-

i)        The words "shipping lines" in the said circular shall be substituted with the words "shipping lines/their agents/MTOs/NVOCCS/fright forwarders/consolidaters."

ii)        In regard to clause (vi) of the said circular , custodian shall be allowed to use containers owned by them as well as containers taken by them on lease basis for carriage of LCL cargo from ICDs to gateway hubs.

iii)       After clause xii of the para 3 of the said circular, following clause shall be inserted-

"(xii)  The LCL cargo cleared at gateway port or some CFS near gateway port shall be allowed to be stuffed in the containers in which the cargo received from the inland ICDs/CFSs are re-stuffed. The LCL cargo after examination and let export order by customs at gateway port or some CFS near gateway port shall move from the shed to LCL hub area under the cover of shipping bills. The custodian shal;l maintain details of such locally cleared LCLs cargo in the same manner as contained in clause (vii) above for goods received from inland ICDs/CFSs except to the extent that instead of "ICD of origin" and "old container number" the" name of local CFS or shed no." and "Local cargo" respectivly shall be indicated "       

3.    These instructions may be brought to the notice of all concerned by way of issuance of suitable Public Notice /Standing Orders.

4.    Difficulties, if any in implementation of these instructions, may be brought to the notice of the Board.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this Circular.