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  • Training on Intellectual Property Rights at NACIN, Faridabad rescheduled to 29-30 April, 2019. Click Here
  • Last date for receiving applications for the post of Superintendent on deputation extended upto 15.05.2019by NACIN, Kanpur. Letter Download from
  • Inventory Check and condition of UPS,Line Printer & Print Servers in field formation - reg Click Here
  • Filling up the posts of Administrative Officer, Tax assistant and lower division clerk in the DGGST, Eastern zonal unit on loan/deputation basis.Click Here
  • Circular on Deputation -Willingness for the Posts of Administrative Officer, Inspector, Personal Secretary (P.S.) & Tax Assistant in the Zonal Campus of National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics (NACIN), BhopalClick Here
  • Notification to extend the due dates for furnishing FORM GSTR-1 and GSTR-7 for the month of March 2019 issued
  • Tender Notice for hiring of one operational vehicle for NACIN, ChandigarhClick Here
  • Tender Notice inviting for amc for maintenance of epabx & intercom systemClick Here
  • World Customs Organisation welcomes the establishment of the Indian Customs Cooperation Fund. -click here
  • Updated versions of GST - Concept and Status, and GST - An Update as on 01/04/2019 have been uploaded
  • Circular clarifying issues regarding exercise of option to pay tax under notification No. 2/2019- CT(R) dt 07.03.2019 issued.
  • Tentative Annual Training Calendar of National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics, Faridabad for the F.Y. 2019-20Click Here
  • CGST Rules, 2017 as amended up to 01.04.2019 have been uploaded.
  • Shortlist of applicants being called for interview for empanelment of Senior/Junior Standing Counsels. Click Here
  • For new rate of CGST in the real estate (residential unit) notification nos. 3/2019, 4/2019, 5/2019, 6/2019, 7/2019, 8/2019- Central Tax (Rate) and 16/2019 - Central Tax (amendment to CGST rule 42 and 43 refers), all dated 29-03-2019 may be referred.
  • Notification to make Second Amendment (2019) to CGST Rules issued.
  • Written Examination of candidates qualified in swimming test for Marine staff recruitment of Bhubaneswar Customs (Preventive) Commissionerate will be held on 31st March 2019Click Here
  • Details of Nodal Offices of Seva bhoj Yojana (SBY) & e-commerce operators - reg Click Here || Annexure Click Here
  • Circulars clarifying various issues related to GST issued.
  • Draft Seniority List in the grade of Chemical Examiner, Grade-I under CRCL, CBIC - comments from stakeholders invited
  • Notification to extend the due date for furnishing of FORM GST ITC-04 for theperiod July 2017 to March 2019 till 30th June 2019 issued.
  • Marks of Deptt. Exam. for Inspectors of C.EX. held in 04.12.2018 to 07.12.2018 declared. Nodal Officers may download marks-sheet from their dashboard under alongwith forwarding letter.
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Transfer / Promotion / Posting Orders in 2019

Order No./date of issue Brief Description
office order No. 52/2019, dated 18.04.2019 Appointment of Shri V. Sivakumar, IRS(C&CE: 2004) to the post of Internal Financial Adviser under Department of Atomic Energy on deputation basis-reg.
office order No. 51/2019, dated 16.04.2019 Temporary attachment of IRS(C&CE) officer with DGARM-Reg.
office order No. 50/2019, dated 16.04.2019 Appointment of Shri Jitendra Kumar, IRS(C & CE:1996) as Joint Secretary (Review) in CBIC-reg.
office order No. 49/2019, dated 15.04.2019 Nomination of Dr. Prem Chand Verma, ADG as Manager of Indian Table Tennis Team in the LIEBHERR 2019 World Table Tennis Championships - reg.
office order No. 47/2019, dated 10.04.2019 Appointment of OSD (Service Tax) in CBIC -reg.
office order No. 46/2019, dated 09.04.2019 Appointment of OSD (Service Tax) in CBIC -reg.
office order No. 45/2019, dated 08.04.2019 Temporary attachment of IRS(C&CE) officers with DIC -reg.
office order No. 44/2019, dated 08.04.2019 Appointment of Shri K.N. Raghavan, IRS(C&CE:1990) as Executive Director, Rubber oard, Kottayam under Department of Commerce, on deputation basis -reg.
office order No. 43/2019, dated 03.04.2019 Assignment of Additional Charge of Member of CBIC-reg.
office order No. 42/2019, dated 01.04.2019 Appointment of Shri Ashok Kumar, IRS(C&CE:2006) as SP in CBI on deputation basis-reg.
office order No. 41/2019, dated 28.03.2019 Placement of Services of Shri Saurabh Kumar, IRS (C&CE:2009) as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to the Minister for Electronics and Information Technology and Law and Justice (Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad)-reg
office order No. 05/2019(CRCL), dated 27.03.2019 Grant of NFSG to Joint Directors in CRCL under CBIC - reg.
office order No. 40/2019, dated 27.03.2019 Promotion of Shri Vivek Johri to the post of Principal Chief Commissioner/Principal Director General of Customs and Central Excise.
office order No. 39/2019, dated 26.03.2019 Shri Rohit Anand, IRS(C&CE:2010), OSD, Anti-Smuggling Unit, Department of Revenue at the disposal of Directorate of Enforcement on appointment as Deputy Director on deputation basis for a period of 03 (three) years.
office order No. 38/2019, dated 25.03.2019 Allocation of work among Members of CBIC.
office order No. 37/2019, dated 19.03.2019 Appointment of Shri Rohit Dwivedi, IRS(C&CE) officer as Joint Director in the Directorate of Enforcement on deputation basis -reg.
office order No. 36/2019, dated 19.03.2019 Appointment of IRS(C&CE) officers as Deputy Director in the Directorate of Enforcement on deputation basis - reg.
office order No. 35/2019, dated 13.03.2019 Extension of deputation tenure of Shri Rajeev Yadav, IRS (C&CE: 1994) as Finance Expert on UN Panel of Experts on Sudan (Darfur)
office order No. 34/2019, dated 07.03.2019 Transfer/Postings in the grade of Assistant Commissioner/ Deputy Commissioner-reg.
Office Order No.33/2019, dated 06.03.2019 Empanelment/promotion of Officers to the grade of Joint Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise on regular basis against the panel years 2007-08 to 2011-12.
Office Order No.32/2019, dated 05.03.2019 Cancelation of posting order of IRS(C&CE) officers posted on loan basis-reg.
Office Order No.31/2019, dated 01.03.2019 Appointment of IRS(C&CE) Group A officer with DGGST- extension of loan period.
Office Order No.30/2019, dated 25.02.2019 Promotion of Shri Amrit Pal Singh Suri and Ms. Archana Pandey Tiwari to the grade of Principal Chief Commissioner / Principal Director General of Customs, GST and Central Excise in the Apex scale
Office Order No.29/2019, dated 20.02.2019 Assigning of additional charge to Members of CBIC.
Office Order No.28/2019, dated 19.02.2019 Grant of Non-functional Upgradation (NFU) in Senior Administrative Grade (SAG).
Office Order No.27/2019, dated 19.02.2019 Transfer/Posting in the grade of Commissioner of Customs, GST and Central Excise.
Office Order No.26/2019, dated 19.02.2019 Posting of Shri Krishna Kourdinya, IRS(C&CE:2016) to GST Council Secretariat on loan basis -reg.
Office Order No.41/2019-Ad.-I, dated 18.02.2019 Appointment of Sandeep Mohan Bhatnagar as Member, CBIC.
Office Order No.40/2019-Ad.-I, dated 18.02.2019 Appointment of Shri Ashok Kumar Pandey as Member, CBIC.
Office Order No.25/2019, dated 18.02.2019 Appointment of IRS(C&CE) officer to the Post of Senior Manager (Services) in GSTN on deputation basis-reg.
Office Order No.24/2019, dated 15.02.2019 Posting of Shri M. Satish Kumar Reddy, IRS (C&CE:1993) as OSD to Chairman, CBIC
Office Order No.23/2019, dated 15.02.2019 Assigning the additional charge of the post of Director General of Vigilance to Ms. Reena Arya, Director General, DGHRD(I&W & EMC) during the period from 18.02.2019 to 01.03.2019.
Office Order No.22/2019, dated 14.02.2019 Approval of Competent Authority to retain Shri B.B. Karmakar (Emp. Code - 7754) and Shri Gautam Das (Emp. Code - 7755) in Guwahati GST & Central Excise Zone.
Office Order No.21/2019, dated 14.02.2019 Posting of Shri Kevin Boban, IRS(C&CE:2014), Deputy Commissioner, as OSD (Customs), CBIC on loan basis -reg
Office Order No.20/2019, dated 13.02.2019 Posting of Shri Jitendra Kumar, IRS(C&CE) as OSD(Review) on loan basis. -reg
Office Order No.19/2019, dated 07.02.2019 Posting of IRS(C&CE) officers as OSD(Drawback) in CBIC on loan basis -reg.
Office Order No.18/2019, dated 07.02.2019 Posting of IRS(C&CE) officer in the GST Policy Wing on the loan basis-reg.
Promotion Order, dated 06.02.2019 Promotion Order dated 06.02.2019 for the post of CAO,(Central Excise), Review DPC
Office Order No.17/2019, dated 05.02.2019 Appointment of 4 IRS(C&CE) officers with DG Systems and Data Management on loan basis-reg.
Office Order No.16/2019, dated 05.02.2019 Appointment of Shri Pravin Vinod, IRS(C&CE) officer as Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs -reg.
Office Order No.15/2019, dated 04.02.2019 Attachment of 4 IRS(C&CE) officers with DG System & Data Management on temporary basis -reg.
Office Order No.14/2019, dated 04.02.2019 Posting of Shri Shailesh Kumar, Additional Commissioner on loan basis.
Promotion Order, dated 31.01.2019 Promotion Order dated 31.01.2019 for the post of CAO, Customs.
Office Order No.13/2019, dated 31.01.2019 Grant of Non-Functional Selection Grade (NFSG) to the 2006 batch of IRS (C&CE) officers in the grade of Joint Commissioner on ad-hoc basis.
Office Order No.12/2019, dated 23.01.2019 Posting of Shri Rohit Anand, IRS officer to Revenue Hq on loan basis -reg.
Office Order No.11/2019, dated 17.01.2019 Promotion of Shri Priyesh Bheda to the grade of Deputy Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise on adhoc basis.
Office Order No.10/2019, dated 17.01.2019 Proforma promotion in the grade of Principal Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise.
Office Order No.09/2019, dated 14.01.2019 Attachment of IRS (C&CE) officers to Directorates purely on temporary basis only for the purpose of drawing their pay and other allowances
Office Order No.08/2019, dated 14.01.2019 Transfer & Postings in the grades of Principal Chief Commissioner and Chief Commissioners.
Office Order No.02/2019 (CRCL), dated 08.01.2019 Voluntary retirement of Shri. Yedire Chandra Sekhar
Office Order No.07/2019, dated 10.01.2019 Placement of Services of Dr. Yashovardhan Pathak, IRS (C&CE:2002) as Private Secretary to MOS for Health and Family Welfare-reg.
Office Order No.06/2019, dated 08.01.2019 Allocation of work among Members of CBIC.
Office Order No.05/2019, dated 08.01.2019 Placement of services of Shri P.R. Srivastava, IRS (C&CE:2010) at disposal of Enforcement of Directorate-reg.
Office Order No.04/2019, dated 04.01.2019 Posting of Ms. Ranjana Jha, IRS (C&CE; 1987) as OSD.
Office Order No.01/2019 (CRCL), dated 03.01.2019 Posting of Group A officers of CRCL
Office Order No.03/2019, dated 02.01.2019 Posting of IRS (C&CE) officers as OSD to Chairman, CBIC.
Office Order No.02/2019, dated 01.01.2019 Corrigendum Promotion of Shri Dev Prakash Bamanavat in the grade of Joint Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise.
Office Order No.01/2019, dated 01.01.2019 Corrigendum Promotion of Officers to the grade of Joint Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise on ad hoc basis.
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